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People Are Talking and We Welcome It

Our patient reviews mean a lot to our Pleasant View, Utah dental practice. We believe that we can only get better through communication and feedback with and from our patients. We listen carefully to what they have to say so that our entire team can learn and fine tune the patient’s experience.

We strive every day to:

Our patients love sharing their success stories of restored health

Our patient reviews are from real patients who took the time to tell us what they think. We are very grateful to our patients for sharing their thoughts and feelings with us. After all, they are living proof and examples of our work.

Meet Our Patients

They are all fantastic! They remember everything about me. (And that’s a LOT!) They make me feel relaxed and welcome, even though I’ve had a fear of the dentist for 17 yrs. Great place! Natalie Gee

rating system 5 stars

I am absolutely happy with my tooth restoration developed by Dr. Ronald Scoville. Dr. Ron put together for me a plan that was affordable and convenient. The plan included several implants; some implants requiring bone grafts. The procedures went without a hitch, thanks to Dr. Ron’s quality service and caring staff.Dennis

rating system 5 stars

Always have a great experience. Everyone is very friendly. Kids are not supposed to like the dentist (at least I never did when I was young) but my kids love it. Very nice atmosphere and the minute you walk in you are very well… not just like a patient. Thanks!Aric Manning

rating system 5 stars

The whole crew is fantastic! They seem to remember every little detail about me. They make you feel relaxed and welcome and even like family or a longtime friend. Add that to their knowledge and expertise and you have a winning combination.Dennis Brown

rating system 5 stars

I’ve been going to Dr. Scoville for four or five years now. He makes me feel really comfortable. I’m not nervous or anything. The dentist is a scary thing for me. He’s more like my friend. I think he’s the best out there and I’d recommend him to anyone to go to him.Larry

rating system 5 stars

We live about an hour away and we will always go to Dr. Scoville. I like to go under when I get my dental work done. So does my wife. He’s so smooth with giving that type of sedation. I want to go to sleep and have it done when I wake up.Mike

rating system 5 stars

I had to go in for some tooth work and they took excellent care of me. The equipment they used was high tech and made me feel like my teeth were the most important. I can trust that my teeth are getting the best.Michelle

rating system 4 stars

Dr. Kent Scoville is a great caregiver. He makes you feel safe and secure when you are in the dentist’s chair. He is always concerned with the patient’s comfort, and does an excellent job making you feel at ease. I would recommend him to anyone.Mark

rating system 5 stars

I like that it’s fast. My job may have full dental insurance but it’s hard to get out of work to get to the dentist. Dr. Scoville knows how it is and works fast but he doesn’t skimp on the outcome. I got a partial bridge with him. Seems like it didn’t take long and all and it was sturdy and looks natural.Jill
rating system 4 stars

I really like Dr. Scoville, Sr. He’s very knowledgeable and the hygienists are always really friendly. Their billing department used to be terrible but that’s good now too. I’d recommend this office to almost anyone. – Jack Plumley

rating system 5 stars

Add your voice to the chorus of patient reviews for our practice, book your first appointment with us today! And don’t forget to ask about our new patient discounts!

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