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Invisalign Lets You Shine

With Invisalign, people might not be able to pinpoint what’s different about you and that’s the best part. Invisalign’s clear trays allow you to straighten your smile over time without detection. You can remove them to eat and brush plus you can add whitening gel to your trays.

Undetectable clear braces

Invisalign Process:

  • It’s a series of custom-made aligners you wear most of the time
  • You wear them between 1 to 3 years depending on your current alignment
  • The aligners slowly shift your teeth into the proper position

Unless someone is really looking closely, they won’t notice the aligners at all. Also, the aligning trays don’t affect your speech. People also like the fact that they can remove them to eat what they like!

If it has been a while since you’ve been to the dentist’s office, know that most dental problems have never been easier to treat. Technology offers so much accuracy and straight, healthy teeth have never been more obtainable.

Your Local Family Dentist

Of course, while new technology is great, there’s still no substitute for excellence in dental care. Dr. Kent Scoville runs the Pleasant View, Utah dental practice with his son, Dr. Ron Scoville  – so when we say we treat you like a member of the family, we actually mean it.

Our philosophy is simple: We start with the basics and move on to more complicated procedures only as necessary. And Invisalign fits in with this philosophy. Unlike metal braces, which have to be tightened by hand, Invisalign aligners are created by computer modeling so they fit more comfortably.

There’s no need to live with misaligned teeth. You may not think it’s the most important thing in the world to fix but the treatment is simple, affordable and unobtrusive while the results will better your life literally every day onward. Straighter teeth really do make you feel more comfortable and confident plus they’re easier to clean and are more resistant to damage and gum disease.

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